Award-Winning Dog Boarding

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Award-Winning Dog Boarding in Western Chicago

Dogs staying at DePAW Pet Resort enjoy restful nights in comfortable, spacious, clean, climate-controlled, and calming accommodations.
Throughout the day, our guests enjoy fun activity packages and plenty of individualized attention from our staff.
We pride ourselves on catering to your pet’s needs in any way we can! Discover why we’ve won multiple “Best Of” awards!

Overnight dog boarding begins at only $44.95 per night.

Enhanced Amenities & Care

dog running using our dog boarding services

Our crate-free lodging area is designed for the comfort, safety, and happiness of your furry family members. Here are just some of the things your dog can expect from a stay at DePAW Pet Resort.

  • Private overnight accommodations in a crate-free, climate-controlled rooms
  • A night crew on site after-hours for last let outs, water and to ensure everyone is content and safe
  • Clean bedding and attentive room service
  • Comprehensive daily wellness checks
  • Supervision and loving attention from our highly trained caregivers
  • The soothing sounds of nature or music
  • Our brand-new antimicrobial air purification system means your pets breathe in only the cleanest, healthiest air.
  • Twice daily feedings of your pet’s usual food
  • Potty breaks throughout the day
  • Veterinary grade cleaning regimen and supplies
  • Certified with the IL Dept of Agriculture including all safety regulations
  • Conveniently located and extremely close to municipal and veterinary services
  • Separate lodging area for our feline guests

Discounted Activity Packages

dog running using our dog boarding services
We’re all about the wellbeing of our canine guests, but we know their moms and dads know them best. That’s why we offer a variety of activity packages with different levels of play and interaction—so YOU can choose what your dog does while they’re here at DePAW. Whether your dog prefers to run around the play yards or soak up some affection from the staff, we’re here to make them happy!

  • Social Playtime. Many dogs have a natural craving to socialize with their fellow canines! DePAW Pet Resort gives them a safe place to play and make new friends under the watchful eyes of pet care professionals. Between our indoor and outdoor play areas, dogs have more than 16,000 square feet of space to run, romp, explore, and have a ton of fun.
  • Personal Playtime. Some dogs would much prefer smaller group activities or to hang out with human buddies, and we’re more than happy to be their vacation besties. Personalized playtime includes your dog’s favorite games and activities in our fun play yards, all with a specially trained caregiver. It’s important to us for every dog to have a rewarding, enriching experience at their own pace and comfort level.
  • Cuddle Time! Does your dog live for petting, belly rubs, and undivided attention? We’re happy to give it! Your cuddly pup will feel right at home being doted on with personal attention, nightly tuck-ins, and even bedtime stories. This is our staffs’ FAVORITE part of the job!
dog running using our dog boarding services
dog running using our dog boarding services
  • Delicious Treats. Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? We’ll brighten your dog’s days with a yummy treat prepared in-house and made of wholesome ingredients in our kitchen. Past favorites have included whipped cream, pumpkin, peanut butter, chicken, yogurt, tuna, cheese, liverwurst and more.
  • Puppy Love. Congrats on the young bundle of furry love in your life! We’ll take extra wonderful care of your puppy with this specially designed package full of the activity and attention puppies need. They’ll enjoy extra playtimes, more potty breaks, tasty treats, and more.
  • Special Care Package. If you have a senior or special needs dog, they’ll feel right at home with this package. We’ll pamper your dog with stretch breaks and comfy orthopedic bedding. Plus, administration of medications is included for no extra charge.

Why is DePAW Pet Resort Better than a Pet Sitter?

dog running using our dog boarding services
Our company is built around making dogs happy in a safe, professional environment. Here are some things you can get here that you just can’t find with a pet sitter.

  • It’s more enriching. Our activity packages ensure your dogs are entertained every day of their stay—in the ways you prefer! We provide tons of space, playground equipment, swimming pools, and games to keep your dog’s mind and body enriched. It sure beats a walk around the block.
  • Social opportunities. When they’re here, dogs have the option to socialize with other friendly, healthy dogs under the supervision of our team. It’s by far the safest way for dogs to satisfy their natural craving to play with their own kind. At dog parks, you can’t be sure the other dogs are safe—at DePAW, all social play dogs undergo a temperament evaluation before joining the group.
  • It’s safer. Dogs staying at DePAW are supervised 100% of the time during play by highly trained, professional caregivers. Each member of our team is thoroughly educated in canine behavior, body language, and first aid. Our facility is outfitted with 24/7 security, tall fencing, and double gates, so you can enjoy petter peace of mind. It’s safer for you, too—there’s no need to hand over the keys to your house!

Dog Boarding FAQ

What vaccinations does my dog need?

To keep our resort a safe and healthy place for dogs, we require vaccinations for rabies (1 or 3 year), distemper combo (1 or 3 year), Bordetella (every 6mo), and a negative fecal exam (every year). We highly recommend the canine influenza vaccination for all dogs but do require it for dogs who live farther than 15 miles from us. During active local outbreaks of canine influenza or leptospirosis, we may temporarily require these vaccinations, and will communicate these occurrences with our customers.

Are reservations required?
In order to keep our facility one of the safest in the area, we depend on having the right level of staffing for the number of dogs every day. For this reason, we do require reservations for all of our services.
How old does my dog need to be to attend DePAW?
Fully vaccinated dogs with a negative fecal result are able to attend DePAW and partake in the programs. Puppies between 10-16 weeks with Veterinary approval are the only exception to be able to partake in the NON Group activities without their rabies. However, all other vaccinations (a min 2 rounds of distemper), bordetella and a negative fecal result and requirements must be met. Check back in Winter of 2023 for progress on accepting Titers in the future, if possible.
Can I tour the facility?
We’d love to show you our resort! Please visit us any time during our operating hours and a staff member will guide you on a tour.
I’m nervous about boarding my pet. How do you keep the pets safe and healthy?

At DePAW Pet Resort, all staff members are specially trained to administer meds, conduct daily simple physical exams, and check on your furry family member multiple times daily to ensure they’re doing well and feeling loved, just like at home. Please talk to us about customizing the perfect stay for your pet when making your reservation.

I have multiple dogs, can they stay together?
Doggie siblings are welcome to lodge together in our large accommodations. Give us a call to get your fur family’s stay started.
Can you accommodate special needs pets?
DePAW can accommodate pets with many kinds of special needs. Please call us to discuss how we can accommodate your pet. We’ll consult with your pet’s veterinarian to determine if our resort is the best place for your pet to stay.
Can I bring my pet’s own food?
To keep your pet on the diet they’re accustomed to, we ask you please bring their usual food bagged and labeled per serving. We can also provide our house food for a small additional charge.
Can I bring my pet’s toys?
We have more than enough fun, safe toys to go around, and we sanitize them regularly. Please leave your pet’s toys at home.
What about bedding?
All of our accommodations are outfitted with raised beds and soft, clean bedding, so there’s no need to bring any bedding from home.